Within the framework of cooperation between member-universities of the regional STAR-NET network, from November 12 to November 20, 2021, for the first time after the outbreak of the pandemic, a group of 8 students from the Faculty of Physics of the Belarusian State University got the scientific and engineering internship within the curriculum of the specialty “Nuclear Physics and Technology”.
The purpose of the training was a familiarization with the neutron-physical and thermohydraulic properties of water-water nuclear reactors and with modern methods of modeling the physics of the core.

During the internship students gained the skills to perform a pre-design neutron-physical calculations of the core of a light-water pressurised reactor, and to solve relevant thermophysical problems. The students worked out practical skills of determining neutron-physical parameters from an exponential experiment at the subcritical assemblies of NRNU MEPhI.

The students visited the IRT MEPhI research reactor, where they got acquainted in detail with the reactor design, the principles of its operation, and the applications of this type of reactors.