Agreement to establish IAEA-facilitated network (STAR-NET) to enhance cooperation in nuclear education and training was signed on 17 September 2015.

The Agreement states: “We, the educational organisations, as Members of STAR-NET, recognize and agree on the need to foster cooperation between educational institutions and with nuclear industry training centres and strongly support the stated goal of the STAR-NET network – to promote, manage and preserve nuclear knowledge and to ensure the continued availability of talented and qualified human resources in the nuclear field in the States in which educational organizations participate in this Network and to enhance the quality of the human resources for safe and sustainable use of nuclear technology.

As key players in nuclear education, we see great benefit in working together, sharing best practices, resources and opportunities for capacity building and effective nuclear education and training with the IAEA’s facilitation and for the purposes of establishing the STAR-NET. Further, we believe that with the facilitation of the IAEA and involvement of relevant stakeholders, the objectives of STAR-NET can be realised by collaborations of recognised national nuclear education universities”.