Within the framework of cooperation between member-universities of the STAR-NET network seven 4th-year students of the Belarusian State University majoring in Nuclear Physics and Technology and studying in the specialization “Physics of Nuclear Reactors and Nuclear Power Units”, completed an intensive cycle of laboratory work in neutron physics at the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI within the practical programme on Radiation characteristic detection and measurement. Students from Belarus studied the behavior of neutrons and ways of their registration in uranium-graphite and uranium-water subcritical systems, mastered the activation method of neutron registration. The acquired knowledge and skills allowed them to “feel” in practice the complex concepts used in describing the physical processes occurring during irradiation of fissile and activated materials during the neutron exposure, will help them to master the basics of neutron interaction with matter, means of registering neutrons with various energies.
During their stay at the NRNU MEPhI, BSU students were also able to get acquainted with the latest development of the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Technology of the NRNU MEPhI, designed to train specialists in the field of nuclear reactor physics: virtual reality (VR) model of the MEPhI research reactor. During the discussion of this development, students shared their impressions about the VR model and made several suggestions for its improvement.

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