The interregional project ENER-CONNECT, which brings together students, teachers, scientists and engineers interested in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, continues to work during the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak. In 2018–2019 ENER-CONNECT organized several webinars on various aspects of the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology. Meantime its activities are intensified by providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge in nuclear technologies in response to the extraordinary conditions faced by nuclear education across the globe.

The regional network STAR-NET plays an active role in the ENER-CONNECT project by attracting students and teachers of STAR-NET universities-members as webinar participants and providing the network specialists as speakers.

The webinar, held on April 16, 2020, was dedicated to global nuclear safety regime and the structure of the IAEA Safety Standards. The speaker was Povilas Vaisnys, professor of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Russian Federation, — a member of STAR-NET. The webinar focused on ensuring nuclear safety in the world through the application of standards developed by international nuclear community. The links to watch a recording of the webinar and download a copy of the presentation are below.

Participants from 20 countries – Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Ghana, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Ukraine – attended the webinar. Participants, among whom were scientists, regulators, academics and students, asked a lot of questions, showing great interest in the problems of the safe development of nuclear energy.

You can watch the webinar, or download the presentation of Professor P. Vaisnys.

For reference:
Following to the Collaboration Agreement among regional educational networks AFRA-NEST, ANENT, ENEN, LANENT and STAR-NET the ENER-CONNECT has been established which consist of academics, scientists, and engineers interested in the peaceful use of nuclear energy. The ENER-CONNECT goal is to create collaborative opportunities between researchers, academics, and students in Europe and their peers in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East.

In the near future, ENER-CONNECT is planning more webinars, podcast series, and other virtual tools to help promote connections and support collaborative efforts in nuclear education.