On July 27-31, 2020 the 1st International Summer School “International Relations
in the Information Technology Era” was held by the Institute of International Relations (IIR) of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in cooperation with the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR, Dubna) and with support of IAEA and STAR-NET. The school was devoted to the problems of the development of contemporary international relations in the context of close interaction with information technologies.

The School was attended by 13 experts and more than 60 students from 14 countries (Armenia, Austria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Canada, China, India, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Russian Federation, the UK and USA).

Andrei Cherkassky, IIR MEPhI Deputy Director, Vladimir Korenkov, Director of the JINR Laboratory of Information Technologies and of Andrei Kosilov, STAR-NET Managing Director, delivered welcome remarks at the opening of the School.

Leading experts in the field of international relations, IT and Mega science class projects delivered lectures at the school: Dobrica Savić (IAEA), Irina Kuklina (Analytical Center, ICISTE), Gerhard Graham (CTBTO), Vladimir Korenkov (JINR), Oleg Shakirov (CSR), Dmitry Stefanovich (IMEMO RAS), Anatoly Tolstenkov (VNIIAES) and Maxim Gladyshev (IAEA). The school’s experts touched upon the issues of digital diplomacy, knowledge management in various fields of international activity, information technology within the framework of strategic stability, digital platforms for Mega science projects, as well as the activities of international organizations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The IIR Laboratory of Situational Express Analysis staff conducted the Сase Study, which was aimed at equipping the participants with methods of collection, visualization and analysis of data on international topics.

The Institute of International Relations expresses its hope that the school on “International Relations in the Information Technology Era” will become an annual platform for cooperation, exchange of experience and knowledge, as well as discussion of information technology issues in the context of international relations.

Source: Site of NRNU MEPhI