The STAR-NET webinar, held on February 10, 2023, was devoted to building competencies for strategic planning of sustainable development of nuclear energy. Representatives of universities discussed the draft Model Curriculum on Strategic Planning for Sustainable Nuclear Energy, which was developed within the framework of the IAEA International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) by a group of experts including representatives of STAR-NET universities. The participants of the webinar noted that the developed programme can be used as a basis for a number of courses in the subject area, discussed the scope of these courses, areas of competence, the structure of the curriculum, analytical tools and other educational elements. Particular attention was paid to practical steps to implement a standard curriculum in STAR-NET universities and cooperation with the IAEA/INPRO in the framework of this important initiative.

Energy is critical for all social and economic activities and plays a central role in sustainable development. The key challenge for sustainable energy development is to address the interactions among the four dimensions: economic, environment, social, and institutional, in a balanced way, and making relevant trade-offs. Nuclear energy has the potential to make a significant contribution to sustainable energy.

To assist countries in assessing the long-term sustainability of nuclear energy systems, the IAEA International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycles (INPRO) developed a set of basic principles, user requirements and criteria, and an assessment method which together comprise the INPRO methodology for the evaluation of the long-term sustainability of nuclear energy systems (NES). The INPRO methodology covers all areas relevant to NES sustainability, reactor types and fuel cycle facilities, all facilities of an NES, and all phases of an NES from the cradle to the grave. Furthermore, INPRO has developed a framework for analysing and assessing transition scenarios to sustainable nuclear energy systems.
The 31st INPRO Steering Committee has recognized the need for building the foundations for required competence for developing long term strategies for sustainable nuclear energy development that can be met through introducing necessary educational programmes at the university level. It is essential that information on INPRO activities be delivered to young professionals, lecturers and students at technical universities and other relevant educational organizations, who will further be engaged in development and deployment of sustainable solutions for nuclear systems in the IAEA Member States.

The video recording of the webinar and presentations are posted on the STAR-NET learning management platform and available to all registered users via the link:

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