The Regional Network for Education and Training in Nuclear Technology – STAR-NET has initiated a programme to create a mechanism for public certification of nuclear educational programs to improve the level of education and quality of graduate training. Public confirmation of the quality of educational programmes by the professional community will strengthen the competitiveness of nuclear educational programs of universities participating in the STAR-NET network.

The thematic group ” Educational Programmes and Modules, Training and Methodical Materials” has begun a work to develop a structure, contents, and implementation approach of the public certification procedure. On March 23, 2023, a webinar was held to discuss the details of this process. As a result of the discussion, the participants proposed the following name for this new initiative: “Public certification of educational programmes in the field of nuclear technologies”.

The certification procedure is planned to be free of charge and as convenient as possible for conducting. Obtaining a certificate will ensure mutual recognition of graduates’ qualifications and, at the same time, maintain compliance with national educational standards.

It is planned to complete the development of the procedure by the end of 2023.

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