The Regional Network STAR-NET is established to promote, manage and preserve nuclear knowledge and to ensure the continued availability of talented and qualified human resources in the nuclear field in the countries, which educational organizations participate in this network, and to enhance the quality of the human resources for safe and sustainable use of nuclear technology.

The STAR-NET’s objective is to facilitate co-operation in education and professional training, related research and outreach in nuclear technology through:

  • Identifying the educational problems and needs in nuclear education in the region;
  • Assessing educational resources and offerings in nuclear education and training in the region;
  • Collaborating in projects in nuclear education and nuclear technology;
  • Exchanging information, teaching materials and advanced tools for education, training and outreach in relation to nuclear technology;
  • Developing common curricula and facilitating mutual recognition of degrees;
  • Developing educational and methodological materials;
  • Promoting exchanges of students, teachers and researchers;
  • Promoting collaboration among STAR-NET member organizations and other regional educational networks;
  • Sharing best practices in nuclear educaion and educational resources.