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STAR-NET Hosts Training Workshop on Methods and Tools for Distance Learning

On 2 December 2017, certificates were given to participants symbolizing the successful completion of an intense training programme — the internship on methods and tools for distance learning and their implementation on the Learning Management System STAR-NET LMS, held in Vienna, Austria from 27 November to 2 December 2017.
The training was organized by the Regional Network for Education and Training in Nuclear Technology – STAR-NET with the support of the Nuclear Knowledge Management Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The purpose of the internship was to increase qualification of the university teachers in the area of applying modern tools, methods, and technologies for developing educational courses on nuclear technologies.
Ten young university teachers from Belarusian State University, Belarus and Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, Russian Federation acquired detailed insights on modern approaches to the use of distance learning and learning management systems (LMS) in nuclear education. The participants received comprehensive training on methods and tools for developing courses for distance and blended learning and their implementation on the educational platform “STAR-NET LMS”. The platform is operated by the STAR-NET in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Cyber Learning Platform for Network Education and Training (CLP4NET).
During the training, the participants were also given an overview of the IAEA’s role as a coordinator of nuclear education in Member States and on the IAEA knowledge management programme and activities.
Additional information on the educational platform “STAR-NET LMS”
The educational platform “STAR-NET LMS” was successfully deployed and put into operation in 2017 with support and in cooperation with the nuclear knowledge management section of the IAEA.
The platform aims to support following STAR-NET activities, tasks, and products:

  1. Development of own STAR-NET educational courses and materials;
  2. Support of STAR-NET events, e.g. meetings, trainings, workshops, internships of member universities;
  3. Support of STAR-NET working (thematic) groups;
  4. Informational and promotional materials of the member universities;
  5. Educational courses developed and contributed by the member universities for use by other member universities;
  6. Test environments (test courses) to help member universities to get more familiar with the learning management system functionality and to develop their own educational courses;
  7. Learning Object Repository (LOR).

The member universities have been forming local “STAR-NET LMS” coordination groups, which will be responsible for the following functions at the university level:

  • Provide and maintain informational and promotional materials of the university;
  • Prepare user registration forms and request “STAR-NET LMS” Administration to register new users;
  • Development and management of educational courses within university category(-ies) in the “STAR-NET LMS”;
  • Enrolment of users to the university courses and assignment of appropriate user roles;
  • Provide learning objects to common STAR-NET Learning Object Repository;
  • Coordinate and conduct activities within own university to share and contribute educational courses, materials and learning objects for use by other member universities;
  • Support of “STAR-NET LMS” users in own university.

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