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The first web-conference of the “STAR-NET LMS” coordinators

Star-Net Office ViennaThe first web-conference of university coordinators of the learning management system “STAR-NET LMS” (http://lms.star-net.online) was held on 28 June of 2018. The conference was organized by the administration of “STAR-NET LMS” and was attended by the coordinators from six universities, members of the STAR-NET.

Various topical issues and problems related to the joint use of the “STAR-NET LMS” were discussed during the web-conference. The participants outlined the following priorities and actions to improve the effectiveness of the use of “STAR-NET LMS”, which is considered as an important tool for organizing cooperation between Member Universities:
• To complete design and content of the universities’ information pages in the category “Information from members”. The main purpose of these pages is to collect general information about the universities in one place, without having to search it on the Internet.
• To facilitate the promotion of the “STAR-NET LMS” in the Member Universities, it was suggested to identify the most initiative and active teachers and register them on the platform, thus enabling them to become familiar with the platform’s capabilities and available training materials.
• It was recommended to incorporate “young” initiative employees having “IT aptitudes” (e.g., post-graduates, young teachers, etc.) in the of university coordination teams.
• University teachers, who wish and are ready to use the learning management system in a real educational process within university, should identify the initial group of students to register them in “STAR-NET LMS”.
• To encourage the universities having “nice” educational teaching materials / textbooks, to discuss within university the possibility to share those materials on “STAR-NET LMS” and upload them into the Learning Object Repository for the common use by all users of the “STAR-NET LMS”.
• It was announced that the regional network STAR-NET is ready to provide trainings of university teachers and coordinators on the creation, design and administration of educational courses in the “STAR-NET LMS”. Such trainings could be organized both in Vienna and/or on the sites of the Member Universities of the regional network STAR-NET. Coordinators from universities are recommended to discuss with university management the need to organize / participate in such trainings.
• It was also suggested to consider development of an e-learning course on how to use the “STAR-NET LMS”. It’s assumed that the e-learning course would be available on the “STAR-NET LMS”.

Web-conferencing service to organize and conduct STAR-NET web-conferences and webinars was successfully tested during the web-conference.

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