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The first graduation of «nuclear» managers took place in NRNU MEPhI

The first 15 students have been awarded a Master’s degree after successful completion of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI “Nuclear Technology Management” (NTM) programme endorsed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 2017 within the framework of the International Nuclear Management Academy (INMA). Among the graduates are representatives of Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

The NRNU MEPhI NTM programme is being implemented by the Faculty of Business Informatics and Management of Complex Systems and the Institute of Nuclear Physics and Engineering. The goal of the programme is to prepare masters with management and technical competencies for successful work in the sphere of state and corporate governance, international cooperation, engineering and reengineering of business processes in the field of advanced nuclear energy technologies.

On September 25, 2018, the ceremony of IAEA certificates delivery to the programme graduates took place at the NRNU MEPhI. The ceremony was attended via videoconference by Dr. Huang Wei, Director of the IAEA’s Planning, Information and Knowledge Management Division and Dr. Oswald Glockler, INMA Program Manager.

Graduates Evgenij Semenov, Aljona Solovyova and Dar’ia Yurshina shared their impressions of the programme:
“Applying to the master’s programme on Nuclear Technology Management we vaguely represented what awaits us, as we were the first set. After two years, we can say with confidence that the result has far exceeded our expectations. The first thing that seemed unusual was an amazing symbiosis of economic and technical subjects. The most valuable for most students were subjects such as economy of nuclear industry, management approaches and organizational behavior, as well as nuclear physics and international nuclear cooperation. The topics were presented in clear and understandable manner by all teachers – professors of MEPhI and IAEA staff. During two years of study each student performed research work, which then grew into a final master’s thesis. A wide training programme is of the greatest interest for those who plan to build their further professional activities inseparably from nuclear energy. We, as acting employees of the domestic nuclear industry, have been helped by this programme in the sense that now we do not just look like «normal» managers, but we are already able to understand various technical issues, which certainly raises our authority in the eyes of colleagues, partners and top management. Also we would like to note a large number of different conferences and events in which we had the opportunity to participate. The geography of the events is extensive: Italy, South Korea, the USA and, of course, Russia. We would like to once again thank all the teaching staff working in this programme, and also wish all future students of the programme “Nuclear Technology Management” good luck and great achievements!»

The upcoming General Assembly of the regional network STAR-NET, which will be held in November this year, will consider cooperation in the implementation of the INMA NTM program by member universities – such cooperation may include joint implementation of the programme, exchange of teachers and students.

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